a digital wedding invite on a coffee table

Digital Wedding Invitations Vs Traditional Invitations – Why Digital Is The Way Forward!

Guest Post with Laura Rust | www.ownyourdayweddings.com

a digital wedding invite on a coffee table

Throughout the pandemic, we all felt for the couples who had to postpone numerous times, and I can only imagine how stressful it would have been realizing that your beautiful invitations that had been sent to your guests were no longer correct.  Whilst we all experienced a significant switch to a digital age, so did our wedding invitations.  Couples instantly recognized how much easier it was to go digital, even if it wasn’t their first preference.

With that in mind, I have invited the beautiful Penelope from DesigningLove to talk through the benefits of going digital, and why it is something every couple in this crazy, tech savvy modern age should be considering!  

You have pinned down the details of your day and you are ready to tackle your wedding invitations, but seeing the large number of postponed weddings throughout 2020 has you questioning whether it’s time to go digital.

If you are a stationery lover (like me) it can be hard to imagine going digital, however, for some, it just makes sense! Whilst digital wedding invitations haven’t typically been the preferred option in the past, we are certainly seeing a trend of couples embracing the digital age, especially through this unprecedented pandemic.

Digital wedding invitations are the perfect blend of modern life while providing a welcome nod towards tradition. There are so many advantages in choosing a digital option for your wedding invitations (e-vites) aside from being a fantastic option for environmentally conscious wedding couples.

So with that in mind, let’s explore some of the advantages of going digital, how to go about sending your invites digitally, and a few helpful etiquette tips to keep in mind.

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