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True Love is when both people think they are the lucky one…





Discover the Chanceux Collection, where every detail tells a story of true love. A narrative of being lucky to be in love with your best friend, lucky to be coming home to each other – lucky that being in your arms is home.

The two initials C,G, intertwined like an endless hug epitomize the deep connection shared between two hearts. The meticulously crafted typeset, with a rich historical essence, embodies the high-end sophistication and elegance that DesigningLove monograms are renowned for.

It’s a seamless fusion of love, luxury, and artistry—an unparalleled masterpiece that captures the essence of true love. Elevate your wedding details with the Chanceux Collection, where every line and curve embody an enduring love, luck, and endless happiness. 




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Your Unique Monogram Collection: Crafted for Elegance

At DesigningLove, we understand the significance of personalization and luxury. With our exclusive monogram collections, we offer discerning customers a timeless blend of sophistication and style.


What You Receive:

A meticulously curated monogram collection, that includes:

  • Two Sets of High-Resolution Files: Delivered in SVG, PNG, EPS, and PDF formats, our files are meticulously crafted to ensure unrivalled quality. One set in classic black, the other in pristine white, providing versatility for any application.
  • Unlimited Potential: Whether adorning embroidery, signage, or wax seals, our high-resolution files offer endless opportunities to elegantly incorporate your monogram into every aspect of your wedding. With effortless luxury, make your mark and let your monogram become the signature of love that adorns your special day.

Exclusivity Guaranteed:

  • Limited Edition: With only 10 copies available per collection, our monograms epitomize exclusivity, ensuring your individuality shines through.
  • Non-Refundable: Please note that this digital collection is non-refundable. All pricing is in USD.
  • For Personal Use Only: While we encourage creativity, please respect the artistic integrity of our designs. This file is for personal use only and cannot be resold or redistributed for commercial purposes.

Exceptional Quality, Unmatched Support:

  • Expert Craftsmanship: Our designs are a testament to our commitment to design expertise and artistry, ensuring unparalleled graphic quality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Dedicated Assistance: Should you have any queries or require assistance, our team at DesigningLove is here to provide personalized support. Feel free to contact us at


Indulge in the epitome of luxury with DesigningLove’s exquisite monogram collection, where every detail speaks of a love story.


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