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the signature monogram


Exquisite craftmanship, refined
elegance and exclusivity,
with unmatched personalization

timeless elegance + simplicity

discover the luxury of bespoke monogram artistry

Indulge in the timeless allure of our Signature Monogram—a singular embodiment of elegance and sophistication that transcends the enchantment of your wedding day alone. Where every bespoke monogram is crafted with impeccable style and unparalleled attention to detail. Picture the beauty of your monogram, meticulously crafted to adorn every detail of your celebration. From your stationery to decor, its presence imbues each moment with an air of refined luxury.

Each stroke, curve, and intersection holds a significance—reflecting where you’ve been, where you met, and the dreams you share.

Your monogram becomes more than just a design—it’s the signature of your love, a subtle yet luxurious detail that enhances the cohesion of your wedding. It’s an emblem that carries a lifetime of love, destined to become a cherished legacy, passed down through generations.

At DesigningLove, design, art, and luxury, intertwine to whisper stories of love. Captivating hearts and reigniting those first butterflies, the immeasurable happiness and joy, making you fall in love all over again. This is where love meets artistry in its most exquisite form.

Embrace a world of prestige and luxury

With our signature monogram design, you step into a world of exclusivity where luxury, art, and love converge in perfect harmony. At DesigningLove you will be enveloped in an atmosphere of prestige, sophistication, and timeless elegance.

Imagine your love story, crafted in luxury

Indulge in the ultimate expression of your love story with our signature monogram, where every detail is a testament to the depth of your connection and the beauty of your journey together. From the first email to the final delivery of your bespoke monogram design. Experience the true meaning of luxury, art, and love.

indulge in the details

the signature monogram

bespoke craftmanship

Every element of your bespoke monogram is carefully chosen and considered with an unmatched level of personalization to reflect the nuances of your journey. Our skilled artist gets to know your story intimately and meticulously weaves your narrative into every line and curve of your bespoke monogram design – customized to perfection.

a deeper meaning

From symbolic motifs referencing the magic of your first date to subtle accents capturing the profound moment you said “yes,”. Experience the pinnacle of typographic artistry where every detail is infused with layers of significance and sentiment. Ensuring that your bespoke monogram is a true reflection of your unique connection.


you don’t just acquire a bespoke monogram collection….

you inherit a legacy of love

A wedding signature, an art piece designed with timeless simplicity, excellence in craftmanship, and refined sophistication; while offering unparalleled personalization and authenticity.

is this your style too?

the process

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the design itself – it’s about curating an experience that is deeply personal, authentic, and of the highest quality.

You will receive dedicated time and a genuine interest in your story with a dedicated artist guaranteeing a deeply personal touch in every aspect of your bespoke monogram design.

Experience expert craftsmanship guided by a rich art background and authentic skill. Where each bespoke detail is meticulously crafted and considered with impeccable style. Every line and curve is imbued with the nuances of your love story. Creating a truly unique and heartfelt expression of your journey together.

Two initial design concepts are crafted specifically for you, these are presented and shared. with you online. Your input here is highly valued as we ensure every detail accurately reflects your story and captures the essence of your love in your bespoke monogram.

Engage in a collaborative process where your feedback holds paramount importance. Every suggestion is carefully considered for adjustments and refinements, ensuring that together, we achieve perfection in every aspect of your monogram design.

The finalization of your signature monogram is completed with meticulous attention to detail. A complete set of high resolution files are created for your bespoke design. These are prepared in two colorways – classic black and pristine white.

You will receive a digital delivery of high-resolution files, accompanied by expert guidance for seamless implementation into your wedding stationery and decor.

simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance

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explore the deliverables

the signature monogram

$507.00 USD

Indulge in the ultimate expression of your love story with our signature monogram.

bespoke personalization

Included are two sets of revisions to ensure absolute perfection for your monogram design.

customized perfection

You will receive your monogram design files in two colors – classic black and pristine white,

exquisite craftmanship

High resolution design files are shared for seamless integration into your wedding (EPS, PDF, SVG, PNG).

designinglove founder where love art and luxury converge


discover our world of bespoke monogram design where art, luxury, and love converge – where your heart belongs.

Every monogram by DesigningLove is a masterpiece. Imbued with nuances that carry a magical story.

Indulge in the luxury of bespoke design with DesigningLove — where luxury is redefined. A legacy is reborn, and a love story is set forever in the finest craftsmanship.

Each monogram is not merely a creation, but a treasured work of art, meticulously perfected to inspire timeless elegance and capture the deepest essence of love. DesigningLove invites you into a world of luxury monograms tailored exclusively for you. Where every detail is a testament to the depth of your connection and the beauty of your journey together.

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