The Wedding Stationery Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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You’ve got mail! Now let’s make sure its all signed, sealed, delivered and yours before the big day.

The question has been popped, the answer has been a joyful ‘yes!’ and the planning has begun. Not far behind it all is the ins and outs of wedding invitations and stationery. It seems such a momentous task, putting together the how, when and where of it all in a succinct bundle of beauty for your guests to marvel at as they pen their RSVPs. A lot goes into the crafting of your wedding stationery, threading together your style, your preferences and your personality in sheets of embossed paper that shimmers with the details of your upcoming marriage.

And where would we be without the expert help of wedding stationery savants? Penelope from DesigningLove is here to give us the full breakdown of wedding stationery, from what to send, when and why, along with all the necessary additions and the optional ones. This is a complete guide to wedding invites and stationery from the ground up, as comprehensive as it gets and with crucial tips you’ll want to take note of.

What is all the information one has to include on a wedding invite? What’s optional?

When it comes to the details of your big day in your wedding invite, your invitation is the leading lady! She tells your guests all the vital information they need to know to be there to celebrate with you: the time, the day/date and the location. These three things are the most important details (along with the couples’ names, of course) that all invites should have. Any extra details about the reception, dress attire, gift registry and more all go on your details card. Keep your invitation looking sleek and gorgeous with a focus on the most important information – your key wedding day details. The goal is to keep things from getting too finicky and difficult to manage. “Doing this keeps things streamlined and easy to process,” Penelope told us, “which means less fuss and worry for you in the long run.”

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