custom wedding monogram for wedding website featuring initials C+K

4 reasons custom wedding invitation design is the best investment for your wedding

custom wedding monogram for wedding website featuring initials C+K

Custom Invitations are so much more than pieces of paper. They are keepsakes you and your family can cherish for years to come. They’re a beautiful way to express your style and celebrate your unique love story on your wedding day. They may be the only aspect of your wedding you have complete creative control over.

When all the excitement and stress of your wedding day is over, very little remains physically. The tables are broken down and put away, the cake is eaten, and the clothing is sent to be preserved. These physical things don’t last long, but the memories you have of the experience will last forever. Create an experience that is unique and unforgettable.

When planning a wedding, couples often overlook invitation design. Many couples think invitations aren’t important. They throw a few design elements together or order template invitations that don’t truly reflect their personalities and the style of their wedding.

At DesigningLove, the only opinion that matters is yours. I create custom invitation suites that are uniquely and lovingly crafted for you and only you. Every couple is unique and I believe your design experience should reflect that. Here are my top 4 reasons you should consider hiring an invitation designer for your wedding.

the true value of custom wedding invitation
design lies within the process itself

1 | A custom level of involvement

Working one-on-one with an invitation designer is an experience unlike anything else. Whether you’re looking to outsource the design process or you want to be involved every step of the way, your design experience will be completely unique to you.

For couples looking to outsource, I take care of every step for you. From inquiry to your wedding day, you will work with me every step of the way to ensure you’re getting the invitations of your dreams. I will help you determine timelines, guide you through the printing process, and be available for any stationery-related questions you may have. We will collaborate, and refine your design until we’ve created wedding invitations you absolutely adore.

If you’d like to embrace the creative process, I will act as your guide, helping you choose design elements that will create stunning invitations that truly represent your love story. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to look back at your invitations and know they were a work of art created by you and your partner?

2 | A minimalist approach

My design style is best described as modern elegance. It is a sleek minimalist style and heartfelt intention with just the right amount of detail. These invitations designs focus on using space in a way that is simple yet profound. Ultimately, your wedding invitations should embody what is most meaningful to you.

This is also my approach to the design process! When working with me, my goal is to take as much pressure off of you as possible. When designing invitations of your own, it’s difficult to sort through the endless possibilities and find the inspiration you truly love.

My job as your invitation designer is to use my expertise to begin the process with the inspiration you truly love. After you fill out a questionnaire and we have a chat. So that I can get a better idea of your unique style, I will then pull designs that match your style. Instead of starting from scratch, we will start with a portfolio of inspiration you’re truly excited about. Having a professional on your side who has an eye for design, will help you sit back and enjoy the creative process.

I want this experience to be fun and relaxing – a break from the chaos of wedding planning. Putting everything together with the most careful intention and thought is my top priority. Your wedding invitations are an extension of the celebration of your love story, and they should reflect you as such.

3 | Flexibility

2020 has proven that no plans are ever set in stone. Because my designs are completely digital, I can guide you through postponements and changes while also helping to reduce your stress as much as possible. From invitation wording to timings and print decisions.

My work is not finished until you are married! If you need to resend invitations with updated information, I am happy to change them for you. There’s no need to worry about saying the wrong thing! I can help you with those awkward conversations like limiting your guest list or hosting an adults-only wedding.

Working with an invitation designer will give you peace of mind because you won’t need to worry about changing and managing the details of your invitations by yourself.

4 | More than just an invitation

When working with me, you can adapt your invitation design to fit many purposes. In addition to your wedding invitation suite, I also provide signage and stationery design services.

By far my favorite things to design are wedding monograms!  Wedding monograms are physical representations of your unity. Monograms can be used on your invitation suite and in so many other parts of your wedding. It’s a wedding design that can be used again and again on everything from menus to welcome signs to cocktail napkins. You can even put your wedding monogram on your cake. Or, if you are going digital and have a wedding email use your monogram as your personal signature!

If you’re looking for stunning, one-of-a-kind invitations that blow your guests away, custom invitations are the best solution! With a custom wedding invitation design you’re not just getting a few elements thrown haphazardly together or run of the mill designs..

When you work with DesigningLove to create your custom invitation design, you receive:

  • An initial design consult to get your ideas flowing
  • A sleek, luxe design created just for you
  • The option to create other designs including a custom wedding monogram, seating charts, and guest cards
  • Multiple rounds of edits and design options to choose from
  • Digital downloads you can use for your invitations and other wedding décor
  • You can choose to send out your invitations virtually and be done with it
  • 1:1 support after your design is completed

The value of custom wedding invitation designs is truly unmatched. To learn more about creating a custom wedding invitation design contact me for a chat. I’d love to help you create a design that celebrates your powerful love story!

xx Penelope

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