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explore a world of exquisitely crafted monogram design with timeless elegance like no other – a place where art, love and authentic luxury converge…

I’ve seen your designs and trust your eye… Your style spoke to the soft spot I have for modern simplicity the balance of white space and text truly is an art.


DesigningLove understands the art of understatement. Here luxury whispers softly, leaving an indelible imprint on the heart. Each custom design is a treasured work of art meticulously perfected to inspire timeless elegance. Bespoke and luxurious, every wedding monogram exudes refined sophistication, whispering tales of romance and capturing the essence of a magical love story in every line and curve.

The DesigningLove experience is a highly personal curation where I connect with my clients on a level that enables me to deliver a monogram design of value that’s authentic luxury; bespoke and exclusive like no other.

luxury redefined

art is not what you see but what it makes you feel in your heart…

The butterflies when you first met, the happy tears the moment you said yes and the feeling of falling in love – all over again when you said I do. Your bespoke signature of love carries it all.

Immerse yourself in a world of luxury design where you’ll find elegant simplicity paired with refined sophistication. Impeccable style and an aesthetic perfection of balance in love and design.

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when you can choose anyone to design your monogram;

I believe its the details, care, and thoughtfulness that truly make personal connections count the most | PENELOPE


where luxury transcends mere opulence;

our work embodies a high-level service and absolute personalization, offering an unparalleled, one-of-a-kind experience. DesigningLove monograms are more than just symbols; they are reflections of love stories. Personal signatures of love that accompany couples not only on their wedding day but throughout their journey together in the years after, as a legacy of love.

inspired by the timless simplicity of audrey hepburn +

the clean lines, elegant classics, and monochrome palette of Chanel

Every DesigningLove monogram is meticulously crafted to evoke smiles and fond memories, capturing the magic of beginnings and the countless moments of love that follow.

Timeless and deeply personal, DesigningLove monograms resonate with our customers’ love for elegance and sophistication, blending artistry and craftsmanship in a unique fusion. With a background in luxury cosmetics, DesigningLove understands the importance of discretion, going the extra mile, and building trust.

I am here to craft a bespoke monogram that blends art, love and luxury into an art piece for you. Let’s curate your signature of love – I am excited to meet you!

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